Pracownia reaktorów i procesów katalitycznych

Head: dr hab. inż. Maria Kulawska


Main research topics:

  • Synthesis of methanol from carbon dioxide and hydrogen and also from synthesis gas from coal gasification,
  • Reforming of methanol with water vapour in terms of application in fuel cells
  • Direct synthesis of dimethyl ether from synthesis gas
  • Esterification of monocarboxylic and polycarboxylic acids with aliphatic alcohols in order to obtain significant semi-products in polymer industry, and also the problems connected with so called biodiesel

Experimental set-up for evaluation of activity of solid catalysts in pressure reactors – in a gradientless reactor and in a tube reactor. The possibility of conducting of catalytic and kinetic investigations in a wide range of pressure, temperature and concentration changes. Supplying the reactor with gas and/or liquid, on-line analysis on a gas chromatograph

  1. Tube reactor of capacity of 10 ml
  2. Gradientless reactor of capacity of 50 ml
  3. gas chromatographs (Varian 3400, 3600 and 3800) equipped with methanizer

Experimental set-up for preparation of oxide catalysts:

  1. Vacuum evaporator (Büchi)
  2. Tube glass oven for decomposition of catalysts (Büchi)
  3. Furnace for calcinations of catalysts (Thermoline)
  4. Vapour osmometer used for determining of molecular masses of polymers, applied for investigations of phase balance in dissolvent-polymer (polymers) systems.
Research networks and organisations
  1. Scientific network EKO-KAT „Innovative catalyst materials in the protection of ecosystem”. Task d.
  2. Scientific network EKO-ENERGIA Task I.5.2
Main achievments
  1. J. Szarawara, J. Skrzypek, A. Gawdzik: „Fundamentals of chemical reactors engineering”, Wydawnictwo Naukowo- Techniczne, the first issue in 1980, the second issue updated in 1991.
  2. J. Skrzypek, J. Słoczyński, S. Ledakowicz: „Methanol Synthesis” PWN Warszawa 1994.
  3. Preparation of a new modified copper type catalyst for methanol synthesis.
  4. Preparation of catalysts for synthesis of higher aliphatic alcohols and kinetics of the process.
  5. Determining the kinetics of selected processes of esterification with a great industrial importance.
  6. Implementation of the intensification of methanol production in Factory of Nitric Compounds, Chorzów, 1990. J


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